Zoey herds Bison


“I always have my dogs with me. This is Zoey, she’s my 4 month old Cattle Dog and this is Bison, he’s a little under a year and he’s a Staffy (Staffordshire Terrier). She’s so mean to him…Zoey! Get off of him!

“They are the biggest friends! She is relentless. She nibbles on his ears, his tail… he’ll be sleeping and she’ll wake him up. He has all the patience in the world. I try to do a lot to keep her entertained! She is a handful. We joke that Bison is her own personal calf and that she spends all her time herding him!

“Seattle is very dog friendly. I ride the bus with them every day, all day. I take them in stores. I take them everywhere.

“Having a dog makes me responsible. I’m responsible for myself and them. It makes me be a better person. If I have to make sure they eat, then I have to make sure I eat at the same time. It just makes me stay on top of things.”