An Important Step


Smiling young woman facing the camera holding her border collie.

April 2017 Syd and her 9 month pup Fen


Sydney has recently graduated from and become certified with the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy.

Dog training is an unregulated business with highly variable levels of education and training ability. Professional certification from schools like the Karen Pryor Academy and the work of associations like the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the Society of Veterinary Behaviour Technicians are moving our industry closer to becoming a self regulating profession. Sydney has taken a big step in continuing education that will benefit her clients and people using Ultimate Puppy.

Congratulations Syd!

4 thoughts on “An Important Step

  1. Danielle Theule DDS KPACTP CPDT-KSA

    Greetings Syd and Congratulations!

    Welcome to the KPACTP family. I hope I’ll “see” you on the Yahoo group.

    Warm regards,


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