Daisy goes to City Hall


“She’s a Shiatsu. Her name is Daisy and she’s 5 years old. I got her when she was a year an a half old. Once this woman thought it was cruel that she rode in my bike basket, so she snatched her away from me. I had to go to the Humane Society and pay to get her back.

She attacks people and dogs. She keeps me safe. It’s all about how you approach her. Everyone loves her.”

Puppy Myth Buster #2


Answer: False

Guess what? All dogs bite. Dogs are predators and inherently they need to tug, pull and chew. It is our responsibility to provide them with these outlets in a safe, controlled manner. Tug, played with structure and rules is therapeutic for your dog.

Check out this great online resource care of the San Francisco SPCA to learn more about the value of playing Tug-of-War and how you can safely teach it to your puppy.

Luna the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog


“My mother got her as a Christmas present for me. The amazing thing was… when my mum brought her to my grandmother’s farm… that’s where we all meet for Christmas…from the moment I held her, it was an amazing connection. She started following me everywhere, since that day. An instant connection.”

“It’s had its ups and downs. It was a different life style. I couldn’t live just for myself. I had another life to take care of. I couldn’t be so selfish with my time. It wasn’t exactly a downside, but a change. I mean if I wanted to go out after work… well instead I had to come home and take her out.”


Puppy Myth Buster #1



b) Needing to chew.

Dogs do not have opposing thumbs and they explore the world with their mouths. Add to that, puppies have a very strong need to chew when they are teething. It helps relieve the pain of new teeth growing in. It is our responsibility to provide them with an appropriate chew toy or bone.

Not all chew toys are created equal. Do some experimenting and find something your pup really loves to sink his teeth into. Our top picks: raw frozen marrow bones, a rubber toy that’s made for stuffing with food, and big pressed rawhides soaked in some chicken, beef or veggie stock. Use common sense and maintain chew toys and monitor their size as your pup gnaws.

Learn more here: https://www.ultimatepuppy.com/how-dogs-learn/ and here: https://www.ultimatepuppy.com/how-dogs-learn-3/