Puppy Myth Buster #5

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A major contributor to dog aggression is:

a) Dogs trained as guard dogs

b) Only certain breeds of dogs (i.e. Pitt Bulls)

c)  Poorly socialized dogs that lack a “soft mouth”

d) Stephen King

Answer: c)

Puppies that have not had the benefit of a proactive, positive social schedule along with not having developed a soft mouth could prove to be at particular risk for becoming aggressive with people and other dogs. This is a double-edged sword since when they do bite they bite hard and deep. A puppy learns to inhibit the force of his bite from the feedback that we give him and from playing with other friendly dogs.

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New Puppy Rules – Play


We have taken puppy raising concepts and broken them down into a few key points to help make them easy to remember and to practice. With each new set of rules you will find a link included to take you to ultimatepuppy.com, where you can get a comprehensive explanation and/or lesson on the concept.




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Puppy Myth Buster #4



When my puppy gets wild and nips and bites me he:

a)      Is trying to become the Alpha Dog.

b)      Lacks structure and boundaries during his daily routine

c)      Is trying to dominate me.

d)      Is not getting enough crate time.

e)      Is not given enough appropriate mental/physical activity when he is out of the crate

Answer: b), d) and e)

Whenever a puppy becomes hyper stimulated, out of control and is nipping and biting the first thing to look at is how much structure and boundaries are in place. Have you ensured that he has stimulating, appropriate activities when he is out of the crate? Is he getting enough crate time? Often too much unsupervised freedom is the root cause of an overly rangy, nipping biting pup.

What do you have in your Bag-of-tricks to keep your puppy fulfilled and occupied when he’s out of the crate?

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Cabbagetown Marilyn

Marilyn is a four year old American Bulldog who was rescued as an adult dog.

“She’s the BEST DOG EVER! We don’t exactly know her past and she seems to have a fearfulness around other dogs. It looks aggressive. She’s never broken the skin on any dog. It’s just a lot of noise and saliva. We suspect she had to defend herself a lot around other dogs. It’s something we’re aware of and we manage by steering clear of other dogs. We don’t want to lose her. She’s really gentle around kids. Super sweet. We attended socialization classes with her at the Humane Society. Like I said, she’s the best dog ever! We love her.”