Good Golly Miss Molly – Boundaries for ALL

“This is a Swiss Appenzeller. Her name is Molly and she’s 8 years old. Well, she’s not the brightest dog I’ve ever had, but that’s not why we get dogs, do we? Molly knows 5 commands. I’ve always had dogs and you know, my advice is to raise your children the same way you raise a dog…with structure and boundaries. That’s how I raised my daughter and she turned out fine.”

Chilling with Flynn


“His name is Flynn, that‘s for the Irish in him.”

“I would say…Number one, it doesn’t matter house or apartment, wherever you are – make sure your life, just like having a baby, revolves around your dog. Oh, the other thing… Make sure you meet the needs of the breed right. No one told me to like, work with him. So one day we started doing this and I thought he’s going to be really unhappy if I don’t do this for him.”

Are you going to do sheep herding with this little guy?

“I don’t think so.This dog is so chill temperament you ever met. I can burn his little brain doing this…so.”

New Puppy Rules – Intro


New Puppies Rule!

That’s why we made New Puppy Rules. We have taken puppy raising concepts and broken them down to a few key points to help make them easy to remember and to practice. With each new set of rules you will find a link included to take you where you can read a more comprehensive explanation and or lesson on the concept.


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New Puppy Rules – Manners

New Puppy Rules – Socialize

New Puppy Rules – Bonding

New Puppy Rules – Structure

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