Bailey Bucket and Lady


“This is my dog and the other one belongs to a friend who is inside getting a coffee. Lady is 8 months old and she’s from Montreal. She keeps me out of trouble. I can’t do anything too crazy because I have a dog. I can’t go to jail…I have to stay out of trouble. I have a dog to take care of.”

His friend joins us outside.

“Bailey Bucket is 4 years old. My best friend in the whole world! Bailey carries her own gear with her…her own food. She’s made me a lot more responsible. I have something to take care of…

They are awesome and we spend all of our time with our dogs. They get to hang out with other dogs all the time and are naturally well socialized. We’re from New Brunswick. We’ve travelled a lot with them…”


Rainbow Park Dogs – Laika



“Laika is really, really well behaved. I’ve had dogs before, but she has been a surprise because she is real smart. I got her at 8 weeks of age. By three months old she was completely house trained. No surprises. She was named after the first dog that went to space. The Russian mission, before the American one when they went with a monkey. The Russians went with a dog and her name was Laika.

I live with my boyfriend and at the beginning he was a bit skeptical about getting a puppy. But now he totally loves her! He was surprised because he’s never had a dog before. So he was really really surprised about how much love a dog can give you and the connection with the dog. I saw him completely change. I’ve never seen him so happy since I’ve known him. I was prepared for the impact. Because I’ve always had dogs. So I knew. But for him it was a big, nice surprise. Yeah, it was nice. You know, you have a friend for life.”

Rainbow Park Dogs – Sage & Laika


“These two have become best friends… we met at the park. Laika is a 5 month old Husky/Belgian Shepherd… she’s a couple of weeks older than Sage. They are real pals. We often meet up so that they can play together. A lot of folks think they are the same dog. I’ll be walking around the Village with Sage and people stop me because they think she is Laika. They have a slightly similar look until you see their eyes.”

Rainbow Park Dogs – Sage


“This is Sage. She is 4 and half months old and she’s a Border Collie. I grew up with dogs… Border Collies. But this is my first dog. She likes to jump off the dock. That’s what we’re learning right now… and she likes digging. But I think when she’s older, I want to get her into Search and Rescue. I’m taking avalanche courses and whatnot this winter. She really likes to dig, so she might as well put it to some good use, instead of having to berate her for it because she likes to do it. We play scent games, so I’ll hide things and get her to find them.

Learn to love patience. That’s one of the biggest things she’s been teaching me. Yeah, learning to be patient with a puppy is pretty rewarding in a sense. You have to “up your game” and sort of stay on top of what they’re up to. They have their own needs and their own wants so you have to be up on that, because they are learning all the time.”