Rainbow Park Dogs – Henry


“Henry was 8 weeks old when I got him. He’s now a year and half old. We got him from a Native Reservation in Pemberton. He’s actually a M.C.S., a Mount Currie Special. We got him from WAG [Whistler Animals Galore]. There were 9 puppies in a box at the side of the road… When I got him, he was all black, and then he changed colour and fluffed up. There are lots that look like Henry… there are lots of Mount Currie Specials. They have the same colouring and kind of that wolfie kind of thing. They say they are Shepherd Lab, but I’m pretty sure there is some wolf in there. But the Lab in him comes out… in the way he wants love and attention. A wolf doesn’t care about that. We’ve been very lucky. But particularly for such a big dog, he doesn’t really know his own strength some times. Jumping up is a bad one. He’s in his teenaged years right now but, basically every day I take him to socialize with other dogs. There are lots of places you can go around here where you do not see anybody. I like him to play with other dogs like this. And it’s almost like I feel like he feels like he needs another dog to play with every day. I can’t stimulate him the way another dog can.”

Rainbow Park


Whistler has some great parks and is a super place to bring a dog. Rainbow Park is one of them. You can access it by bike path, water or car. The dog park is carefully designed with it’s own beach and swimming dock, complete with a ramp for the dogs to exit the water. I hope you enjoy the Rainbow Park Dogs series. 

Iggy & friends at Bar Jules in Hayes Valley


Brunch at Bar Jules is the right way to start Sunday … a dog-eat-dog event, where if you sit on the patio you might spot a celeb. Herge’s Adventures of Tin Tin star Snowy put in a brief appearance… what a thrill. Iggy, Snowy and friends provided an entertaining background to great meal.

“His name is Iggy, like Iggy Pop … … this is his best buddy… and this is him running on the beach this morning”