Nova a new star on the beach (2)


“You know, I travel 3 out of 4 weeks for work so, and I’m kind of changing jobs right now, but part of it is staying home and settling a little bit here. And it’s hard because now every time someone asks me to do something I at least say… “do I have to go? Normally I just jump on a plane. But umm, it’s nice to have a little buddy to go everywhere. I’ve met a ton of people in just 2 weeks. There are so many people with dogs and there is a connection. I used to pet everyone else’s dog… but it’s not the same as having your own. Oh I love dogs! I’ve wanted to have a dog for years.”


Taking it on the Road!

Taking a puppy on an outing requires preparation – set yourself up with a knapsack, ideal because it’s hands free. Pack extra treats and don’t forget the toys!! Fill a thermos with water and bring a collapsible water dish.  The long line allows room for your pup to run, but with insurance. Don’t forget bags for picking up after your pup.

Now you can take your Smart Phone bookmarked to and at a glance find lots of fun things to do with your puppy. Here are a couple of good bookmarks…


Meet, Greet and Treat

Walking on a loose leash


Off you go!

Ada Biscuit is Home at last


Baker Beach, part of the Presidio and around the corner from the Golden Gate Bridge, is a great place to spend a day.


“Her name is Ada… Ada Biscuit. She’s 8 years old. My boyfriend and I adopted her a year ago. She likes swimming a lot. She lived in Colorado is what we learned, before she made it out to California somehow. And we thought we should take her to the beach and then we realized that she hadn’t seen a beach before… she was really afraid of the waves. But we took our time with her and she got used to the waves and now they don’t bother her at all…

“It made us more responsible. We realized that we had to come home for her. She relies on us. I grew up with dogs but this was my first. “We knew we wanted a Newfoundlander so we met with some breeders and looked at some puppies. And people said to us, if it’s your first dog, and your first BIG dog… you should consider getting a more mature dog.

“Oh yes. We’re her permanent home.”

Nova – a new star on the beach


“I just moved here a year ago, but I haven’t been in town a lot. Nova is an 18 week old Australian Shepherd. Part of getting him was so I could settle down a little bit and stay in town.

“I would love to do herding with him! Some day if I get my dream to have a farm… He herds me when I run! Ya well, we run, walk, run, walk. He’s not quite there yet. He needs to be a little bit bigger to run. But he enjoys it. He’s very well behaved. I purposely got a high energy dog. I wanted him to be active. I’m permanently tired, but happy!”