Pekoe’s sense of adventure


“Her name is Pekoe, like orange pekoe tea. Her parent dog was a Border Collie, a working farm dog. It was an accidental pregnancy…some other dog stumbled along…”

“…One of the big ones why André got her was to make himself go out and about and do stuff on a really regular basis. So yes, we do a lot more outdoor activities. And she is an adventure seeker! She’s a badass puppy in that way! So we’re always trying to go on bigger, badder adventures so that she’s entertained. So for instance if you go for a run with her, she leaves you to go with the faster person. So then you think to yourself… I can go faster! So some of the hikes we pick to go on, we pick ones that would be challenging for the dog rather than challenging for ourselves.”

Departure Bay Family – Son and KC

“We live out in the wilderness and we’ve had dogs my whole life, growing up too. I lived with my parents when we first got KC. I’m now married and a month after moving in together, we ended up getting a little puppy too.”

“Make sure it’s the right dog for you. Myself, I’m not so much of a lap dog kind of person. I like the bigger sized dogs…”

“Probably the companionship and having a dog there by your side. When you want to take off and be by yourself and the dog is there. She doesn’t ask questions. She doesn’t bug you. She’s just nice to have around. She will just be there and not need to talk.”