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New Puppy Rules – Play


We have taken puppy raising concepts and broken them down into a few key points to help make them easy to remember and to practice. With each new set of rules you will find a link included to take you to, where you can get a comprehensive explanation and/or lesson on the concept.




Click on this link to learn how to play Tug safely with your puppy: Tug

Click on the link to learn how: Games


Puppy Myth Buster #4


Answer: b), d) and e)

Whenever a puppy becomes hyper stimulated, out of control and is nipping and biting the first thing to look at is how much structure and boundaries are in place. Have you ensured that he has stimulating, appropriate activities when he is out of the crate? Is he getting enough crate time? Often too much unsupervised freedom is the root cause of an overly rangy, nipping biting pup.

What do you have in your Bag-of-tricks to keep your puppy fulfilled and occupied when he’s out of the crate?

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Puppy Myth Buster #3


Answer: False

Most of the behaviors that we want from our dogs are unnatural for them. Food is a motivator. It is payment for a job well done. There are things everywhere that the puppy and adult dog are going to deem more interesting than you. We need to give them a reason to want to pay attention and work with us. Would you work for free? Probably not, so why should your dog. Food is one of the most potent motivators for animals and since they won’t accept cash, teach your puppy using food.

Learn more about working with food here.