“We got the sample of the Puppy kit and think its fabulous!!! We would love to include the kit in our adoptions for puppies.”
Holly Stempien Fink | Adoptions/Merchandise, The San Francisco SPCA

“I am very impressed with the Puppy Toolkit you sent me for the Weimaraner Club of America! I love it!!”
Ellen Dodge | Secretary, Weimaraner Club of America
“I have had nothing but rave reviews from the last three families who have looked over the Toolkit, and all are excited about owning their own set! None of them seemed at all put off by the number of books, and actually commented that they found them more user friendly.”
Wanda Tait | 2004 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada, National Specialty Chair, Trainer and Breeder Alberta, Canada
“Quite honestly, it is one of the best publications I have seen for puppy owners. I am not an easy sell, either.”
Jan Morgan | Dog Trainer & Cairn Terrier Breeder, Pawsitive Puppies Toronto, Canada
“As a breeder, I’m always looking for good information for new puppy buyers. I looked over the Toolkit before giving it to a friend to review and use. I was impressed in that it provided a positive approach to training, had great references and was easy to read and use. Not only did it cover everything that I would want a new puppy owner to know, there was nothing in the kit that I didn’t agree with! The friend that I gave it to said “I highly recommend this kit to anyone, or any family that has never had a puppy before as well as to those that have had one, but not for a long time. It was great and fast reading with little or no grey areas and has enabled us, a family that had 2 dogs over and 18 year period, to get re-prepared for the new puppy, especially my son who has never experienced his own puppy.” The TOOLKIT is now REQUIRED READING for ALL my puppy buyers.”
Denise McLean | Greyghost Weimaraners British Columbia, Canada
“We have just been made aware of your product and its appeal is very strong. We are Vizsla breeders in B.C. and would be interested in obtaining a kit for each of our new puppy owners. We found out about Puppy from a friend at our Kennel Club who was given the kit by his new puppy breeder on the mainland.”
Hilarie and Barrie Brinkworth | Piroska Vizslas British Columbia, Canada
“As a breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Golden Retrievers, and a SPCA Certified Dog Assessor I know how important it is to make sure that new owners have the right tools for training and socializing their puppies. More dogs are surrendered to shelters and are euthanized because of poor social behavior. The Puppy Toolkit is full of positive training methods that are straightforward, sensible and fun. They are well illustrated and even a child can use them. It has been said by Ian Dunbar that teaching proper social behavior and bite inhibition are the two most important and critical skills your new puppy needs to know. The Puppy Toolkit gives you the skills and positive-training methods to make sure your puppy becomes a Good Canine Citizen. I train my dogs for working skills including drafting, agility, and obedience. I especially love the Games booklet as it has many great ideas to motivate and excite your dog and you. Skills learned early (before 18 weeks) will make sure that all the things you want to do with your dog as they get older will be easy as they have developed well grounded habits as puppies. The Puppy Tool Kit is required by all my new puppy owners.”
Melodie Grabner | Bernecho Kennel, British Columbia, Canada
“I confidently recommend the Puppy Toolkit to every new puppy owner. The week by week instructions are AWESOME! I emailed everyone the PDF file and they are all excited because that is going to make it soooo much easier to use this excellent kit. I was just amazed when I checked it out. Everyone that I told about it was anxious to get their kit before the pup arrived and read it so they could be prepared. What a great addition to the kits.”
Blossom Cheverie | Lymestone Westies Ontario, Canada
“I think the Puppy Toolkit is the solution to my own concerns about people not fully understanding their pups needs. I am so excited about being able to provide comprehensive information for my buyers. The Puppy Toolkit will be a part of the puppy purchase. Not optional. Too many people with good intentions never socialize and train. I believe if the kit is included it will get done! My intention is to sell a pup to a home for life, I believe this will help.”
Carol Campbell | Bull Terrier Breeder South Carolina, USA
“I am truly impressed. I am impressed by the professional packaging, the graphics and colors etc. are very eye catching. I can safely say I think you have a real excellent resource put together for puppy owners.”
Carolyn DeFiore | Vizsla Club of Michigan, VCA Rescue Coordinator-Michigan Michigan, USA
“Hi! Saw your note on Berner-L about socialization. We’re big fans of the “puppy toolkit”. It’s a box full of booklets, poster, etc.. that offers concrete activities, games, advice, and schedules for socializing your puppy. It is easy to follow, has lots of pictures, and best of all—is FUN for you and the pup. We found out about it from the Purdue university veterinary School behavioral clinic trainers. Take a look at ultimatepuppy.com. We’ve even used some of the training tips on our 2 year old berner, and she is paying attention better and we have eliminated a couple of non- serious, but annoying habits she had been allowed (by us!!) to adopt. We heard that some vets and some breeders are providing the kits to new pup owners, but we bought our kit ourselves online. Hope this is helpful.”
Mark Stephenson, Ph.D., Carol Stephenson, Ph.D. | Buckeye Bernese Mountain Dogs Ohio, USA