Vet Clinics
“The puppy toolkit has helped us a lot in explaining to first time puppy owners that a well behaved dog is not the product of human affection, but that it is WORK that needs to be done at the early phases of a dog’s development. We actually have been able to market our dog training classes better after the client got a kit. Its design is appealing enough to give busy people a quick idea about what counts. Well done…”
Dr. Ernst Marsig | Animal Hospital of Unionville Ontario, Canada
“Your Toolkit is a super idea! Every puppy owner we have will get one of these.”
Rick Swinemar DVM BSc | Woodland Animal Hospital, Nova Scotia, Canada
“Read you endorsement from Ian Dunbar. I couldn’t agree more. You both deserve enormous pats on the back for all your efforts in puppy training.”
Victoria Van Wyk DVM | Campbell River Vet. Hospital, British Columbia, Canada
“Both myself and the vets that I work for love it and think it is a fabulous way to educate people right from the start about dogs.”
Jolene McLellan | Woodgrove Animal Hospital, Nova Scotia, Canada
“The time is long overdue for a comprehensive tool to help new puppy owners get rolling from day one. The Puppy Toolkit covers the two most vital aspects of raising a puppies during their key period of development. It ties in with our own philosophy of “prevention over cure”. We will be recommending it to all of our puppy clients.”
Rita Peters CVPM | Hospital Administrator, Royal York Animal Hospital, Ontario, Canada
“The Puppy Toolkit has quickly become as essential component for all our puppy visits. The information is so easy to use, we see an incredible difference in the dogs whose owners have the toolkit to reference to. It’s made our jobs easier – our clients happier, in fact – none of our puppy owners go home without it!!!”
Tanya Zweer, RVT | Hospital Manager Ontario, Canada
“I love the Puppy Toolkit! I teach puppy classes and I recommend it to EVERY new puppy owner, regardless if it is their first puppy or not. The books discuss all aspects of raising a pup, with up to date gentle methods of training. From housetraining to fun and appropriate games to play with your pup, as well as important aggression prevention exercises. I also love the fact the children can follow along with the pictures, helping them to contribute positively to their puppy’s development and training.”
Aimée Luedey, RVT | Registered Veterinary Technician Ontario, Canada

Working Dog Organizations
“We adopted the Puppy Toolkit to raise the puppies and rescued dogs in our program because it contains all the components we know are required to help achieve well socialized, stable and manageable dogs. You can have the worlds best disaster search dog and not be able to use him if he develops aggression towards humans or other dogs because he was poorly socialized as a puppy. The Toolkit provides our short-term home families with all the information to understand a puppy’s development and to provide the care and training to raise a healthy dog that we can use in our training program.”
Miki Klocke | Canine Manager, National Disaster Search Dog Foundation,California, USA: SearchDogsUSA.org
“I would like to purchase a kit as I raise puppies for Disaster Search & Rescue.”
Hilda Wood | Firefighter/Paramedic Canine Specialist, Florida Task Force 1, Miami Dade Rescue, Florida, USA

Puppy Owners
“Although the one-on-one classes with our coach were an integral part of our puppy training, the Ultimate Puppy Toolkit was the bible by which we lived. The UP toolkit provided us with all the necessary information to raise a well-rounded pup. It’s proactive teachings showed us how to direct and guide our pup in a positive and encouraging manner. As a first time puppy owner, the UP toolkit was a savior. It gave me the knowledge and confidence to guide my puppy through her time of learning so that a harmonious relationship could be achieved.”
Jessica Burns | Ontario, Canada
“The toolkit has provided excellent support in understanding what is driving Stanley’s behavior as he grows from rambunctious pup to adult. The flash cards and books allow me to challenge Stanley with new tasks in a playful environment that benefits us both. I now have a dog who is comfortable at home and at play – in the nursery and the nursing home. It has made us both quite popular.”
Karen Smiley | Ontario, Canada
“We used the TOOLKIT with our new puppy and found it extraordinarily helpful. The writing is fresh, humorous and direct, with lots of valuable advice. Also, the authors have been great at providing extra advice through email conversations. I fully recommend this great puppy training tool AND it helped train the owners too!”
David Buley | Nova Scotia, Canada