Seven Steps to Socialization

An unusual new sight for a new puppy.


Begin to introduce your puppy to the new experience from a distance.


Gradually get closer to the stimuli. Continue to treat and encourage your pup.


Allow your pup the opportunity to investigate.


Whenever possible, ask new people that you meet to give your puppy a treat.


Take advantage of all opportunities. Your pup should get a treat for checking things out.


End the experience with a big reward, such as his favorite toy, a game, or yummy treats!

Babies, Children, and Teenagers

Children and puppies should never be left unattended with each other.


Make sure your puppy is meeting plenty of kids.


Coach a child on asking the puppy to sit or down using a treat.


Use treats to ensure the experience of meeting children is fun for your puppy.


Instruct the child on how to pet your puppy.


Be sure to introduce your puppy to children of all ages.

TIP: If Your Puppy is Frightened

If at any time during socializing the puppy is frightened (tries to run away, tucks his tail underneath flat against his belly, or attempts to snap at you, follow the guidelines below:

  • Jolly him up with a silly voice, a treat, or a game.
  • If a situation is overwhelming to the puppy, back away from the site until the puppy is relaxed again.
  • Start from this point to build up the pup’s confidence.
  • Gradually get closer to the stimuli.
  • Your ultimate goal is for your puppy to be comfortable and confident around stimuli that was previously scary to him.