Second Week of Training

Note: If this lesson plan is being used by a dog training school, start each class with some supervised puppy playtime.

Refine your socialization
Exposure to objects that move or make sounds, including:
– a motorized toy, a skateboard, etc.
Introduce your pup to loud noise: Turn up the volume: Bang pots, slam doors, play MTV loud (don’t frighten the pup)
Concentrate on known problems
Begin working on Handling Exercises
Start Child Proofing
Drop it
Soft Mouth Progress
Review Resource Guarding
Flying Solo
Teach your puppy Follow me
junior obedience
Walking your Dog: Luring
Walking your Dog: Stop and Go
Review Sit, Down and Stand – Indoors/outdoors
house training
Re-Examine “Puppy Proofing” the house