Third Week of Training

Note: If this lesson plan is being used by a dog training school, start each class with some supervised puppy playtime.

Exposure to:
– people in strange uniforms, costumes
Introduce pup to:
– Strange sounds and smells
– How many dogs has pup met?
– How many different kinds of people?
Learn about Destructive Behavior & Chewing
Learn an alternative to Jumping Up (lure a “Sit” instead)
Learn how to play Retrieve
Also learn “Puppy Out of the Gate!”
And “Round Robin Recall”
Review Hide and Go Seek: Variations
junior obedience
Learn the best way to call your pup to Come (the golden rules)
Work on Come (Recalls) away from distractions
– Note: this week’s Games strengthen a good recall
Review Leash work
house training
– Concentrate on problem areas